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Thanksgiving MSG - 11/26/2008
We at LiveUndergroundMusic hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving =)

Manifesto - DRAFT 10/31/2008
Live Underground Music is a dynamic space that fosters the free exchange of music and information amongst all individuals involved in the music process.

Every person involved, whether they are a musician, a producer, a listener, or a friend, shares this space equally and has the opportunity to create a deeper impact on the cultural fabric of the world.

Music is one of the most universal human experiences and the process of appreciating it in its most pure state is further simplified when a listener knows where to go.

We believe...
1. Music is communal and should be shared
2. Music should have purpose and meaning
3. Musicians should be able to survive doing what they love, provided they do it well
4. Listeners deserve to be better informed
5. Music is both local and universal and both halves must be satisfied
6. Monetary decisions should never impact art

And above all we believe that unsigned shouldn't mean unheard.

Should you choose to join the underground, keep these values in mind and continue to listen and share freely.

Yep, still here 10/02/2008
Daem0nX - I'm currently mutilating the website to make it more readable until we have a new template ready to go... Basically just stripped down everything to white/red/black so if you find something you can't read, use the contact form to let me know and I'll fix it.

UPDATES!! 07/01/2008
I am sorry to all of our visitors for our lack of contact and updates. The creators of Live Underground Music have been dealing with the emotional repercussions of losing a close friend. Stephen Bayne aka Estebam of "The Estebam Show!" passed away over a month ago. We will be working diligently in the next month to add further content and functionality so check back with us regularly for updates. Also, this is the best time to get involved as we could use help on many fronts so please contact us!